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Employees of the casinoland will confirm that every dealer has favorite and unloved games. Some prefer active gameplay on roulette, others like fast billing in blackjack, others like the leisurely course of events in the oasis poker. Girls are often afraid of roulette, because long nails do not allow the ball to run heavily. Weak arithmetic casinoland dealers are reluctant to go to the blackjack table, where you need to instantly count the points in the cards. Needless to say, the best croupiers equally professionally work in any position. Moreover, they are always ready to learn a new casinoland gambling. Such employees are of particular value to pit bosses and managers, because they are able to plug any holes that inevitably arise from the influx of customers.

They casinoland practice a quick account, sharpen the technique of handling chips and cards, learn to fall into certain sectors and numbers on roulette, learn new gambling and so on. If the croupier believes that he has already reached the heights of casinoland skill or has sufficiently mastered the necessary skills for work, he first stops in development, and then inevitably begins to degrade. Surely you yourself remember a few very experienced casinoland dealers who, over time, lost interest in the work and began to carry it out of their sleeves. The best casinoland dealers constantly improve their professional skills.

Casinoland real professional is ready to give an instant response to any customer question related to casinoland gambling. It's not just about the rules and nuances of the casinoland game play. The ideal croupier understands tactics, strategy, mathematical probability, betting systems and other topics. But we must admit that sometimes even first-class croupiers are burned out. They either sit on the current post, or simply get tired of the casinoland. This does not mean that you need to get rid of them immediately. An experienced manager will find a way to motivate a valuable employee who has lost interest in work.

In most casinoland, dealers are not allowed to give visitors advice on the game. However, this does not mean that they should ignore the requests of customers. A good croupier will find a way to help the player without breaking the charter of the institution. Experienced casinoland dealers are familiar with sharper techniques and are able to recognize them during the game process. Tagged cards, information exchange, use of prohibited technical means - these and other tricks of speculators will not be ignored by the best croupiers. They know how imperceptibly for customers to pay attention to the pit boss's suspicious activity of players. Moreover, in many situations they can independently prevent the activity of rogues.