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Any mobizino casino visitor dreams of winning a multi-million dollar jackpot. Even if he makes minimum bets and does not approach gaming machines with numerous zeros on a special scoreboard, in his heart he cherishes the dream of sudden riches. Some players are close to a huge state, but luck turns away from them at the last moment. However, it is not always worth blaming fortune, because often the jackpot is not in a rush to the mobizino casino administration. If the gaming machine fails at the software or hardware level, all payments and the results of the drawings are canceled. This is a standard practice, stipulated in the rules of all mobizino casinos. On the screen of a one-cent slot popped messages about a ten million dollar jackpot do not rush to rejoice. This is a program crash, for which no one will be responsible, to go to court is useless.

The mobizino casino operator will attract a developer and independent auditors who will confirm that this is an error, so no one owes anything to anyone. Unfortunately, this is the most common situation. The history of gambling knows a lot of similar examples. Some of them are described below. Scammers have long been trying to mobizino casino gambling machines . Some scams even manage to disrupt the accumulative jackpots, leaving the security services fools. Is it any wonder that mobizino gambling operators are suspicious of all the winners. If they have any doubts about the fairness of the win, they delay payment and begin an investigation.

If a huge amount of money is at stake, sometimes a minor violation of the rules is enough for the mobizino casino to refuse to part with the jackpot. Below in the article you will learn about the old woman who lost one and a half million. The trouble is that she won them at the rate left on the slot by the previous customer. There are cases when institutions refused to pay to under-age visitors. In the online mobizino casino winnings were repeatedly canceled, as soon as it became clear that the client lives in a country where internet gambling in mobizino. In such a situation, it's hard to control yourself, but it's necessary. Do not raise your voice. Do not be rude. In a word, do not give grounds for additional cavils.

The administration of the institution said that it was a malfunction in the apparatus, so the mobizino casino gaming can not claim the jackpot. In the casino is the representative of the gambling commission of mobizino casino, who confirmed the legitimacy of the actions of the leadership of mobizino casino. The couple filed a complaint with the mobizino gaming commission, but the commission did not help them. When it came to a lawsuit, representatives of the casino at a personal meeting said that the institution belongs to the mafia, so do not give a move to the case. As a result, the parties reached a compromise, the details of which were not made public. The mobizino casino said that the screen message popped up as a result of a software failure. Winning the jackpot was declared invalid with the usual wording defective work will annul all payments and jokes.