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New Online Casinos

New Casinos from 2017 and 2018, we are always quick to list good new casinos. We also negotiate exclusive bonuses that add value to our readers. Below we list all new exclusive casinos and bonuses that passed our quality test. We always keep this list updated with new awesome casinos so check in often or add us as a bookmark if you want to find new safe casinos fast!

Why should I choose a new casino?

You may wonder why you should change casino, the casino you are playing now may offer good bonuses, good payout times, or VIP benefits. Here at Spinsia we think it's great with new casinos as they are often innovative and offer new unique things that may not be available at other casinos. Many of the casinos available today are owned by the same old veterans, so some new thinking is never wrong, new types of competitions, campaigns and the like. What is also very good with new casinos is that they almost always offer very good welcome offers. This is because they want to attract new players to their own casinos instead, and this makes them really great deals and promotions. You can use this as a player, who does not want a massive bonus to increase the chance of winning money?

Characteristic that new casinos are good

Even if a new casino is released, that's obviously not good, be sure to check the terms, payout times, fees and that they have a country license. There are so many Bad Casinos released nowadays and these can be very difficult to do and to do .. giant league times, strange licenses and shameful conditions.

How does the country licensing system affect new casinos? It is therefore illegal to start and run privately owned casinos in city, both land-based and online-based. This is the main reason that most online casinos today run all their operations from city. At the end of March 2017 a proposal was submitted that the country gaming monopoly should be removed and replaced with another licensing system, but this would also mean that gaming companies would have to pay 18 percent tax. The new licenses that would be introduced would be state games, public games, bets, internet games, land based games and games on ships. The state itself would retain the right to offer land-based casinos, but this would mean that internet casinos could operate in country. If everything goes, this will change in 2019.

Online Casino - Future way to play casino

Online casino, is something that has been around for a while now. It has been offered the most short and simple games. Online casino is a pair of glasses you embark on to enter a computer-animated 3D world. They were primarily created to be used to play games as it feels just like coming in and being inside the game but lately there has been a lot of snack about releasing casino and today there is already a casino that offers Slots Million. They let you get into a 3D virtual reality where you get your own private room that you can walk around and put at the slot you want to play.