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Play Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack is a simple and popular card game. You will not only find the game online. Many bars and restaurants have tables where guests can play black jack against a croupier. Of course you can also play at casino if you have the roads past. The rules of the game for blackjack are simple. The player or dealer who comes closest to 21 wins the game round. However, there is no end in itself to getting as close to 21 as possible. The most important thing is to beat the dealer's hand. For online blackjack, you can also find many variants such as pontoon and perfect pair. The idea in all variants is the same as in the original and hitting 21 directly always gives a small bonus.

To play black jack, one or more decks of cards are needed. How many decks of cards are used is different. If you play blackjack at the pub, four pieces are normally used. If you play online, you can play with anything from one to eight. The numbered cards have their number as their value. The basic rules are then that face up cards have a value of ten and that the ace is worth either 11 or 1. In some variants of the game, the face up cards can instead all have fixed best online casino usa card values. To play, you must first make a bet, for example 10 or 100. When everyone who is to participate has made their bets, the game can start and the croupier can deal the cards. Different casinos have different minimum and maximum possible bets.

The croupier deals two cards to all players who participate and then two cards to himself. If you play online, the cards are randomized every time, which is why card counting is not possible. If you play at a real casino, card counting may be possible, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The game begins with the croupier turning over one of his two cards. Then it's the players' turn. Now players can make several choices. Either they can stay with the hand they received or they can choose to get another card. The point is that you should get a higher score than the dealer without going bust . If the first two cards show the score 21 directly, the player receives black jack and normally collects 1.5 x the bet.

If you get over 21, you have automatically lost your bet. When all the players have made their choices, it is the croupier's turn to act. The dealer shows his inverted card and can in some cases take additional cards to get closer to 21. Also note that the dealer may have to draw cards, for example if the total is equal to or less than 16. What applies in the specific game is always printed in the middle of the game table. If the croupier ends up over 21, all players who are still in the hand win.

The profit then becomes even money. That the players make their choices before the dealer is the rule that gives the house the advantage in blackjack. If you get an ace and a face up card immediately, you automatically win because the value of the hand becomes 21. It is this result that has given rise to the name of the game. There was a variant of the game in which 21 with a black ace and a black jack gave a bonus win. The payout is usually a little higher than your bet, usually 1.5 times the bet but it depends entirely on the real money pokies casino's rules.