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Roulette Betting Strategies for Maximum Profit

It is not secret nowadays that The Martingale Roulette System and The Fibonacci Roulette System do not actually beat the game (but can be actually very efficient Roulette Betting Strategies for Maximum Fun). There are betting limits to every table and our bankrolls are not infinite. This means that we WILL reach a bet that exceeds the limit of that Roulette table or we cannot afford that bet due to our bankroll running out.

This doesn't mean that those Roulette systems are useless altogether. They do not beat the Roulette face up and to do that we would need to exploit the non-randomness of every spin a.k.a clocking the Roulette wheel, which requires memorization of the table of Roulette numbers.

We, players, are given thousands of pounds in online casino bonuses. These bonuses are rewarded for first deposits or reloads, sometimes for playing certain number of spins, as rewards in promotions etc. Bonus money can be used just like normal money when playing, but there is one big difference - we cannot withdraw the bonus money.

How to Withdraw Bonus Money Using Roulette Betting Strategies

Every bonus we are given (unless specified otherwise) needs to be wagered before withdrawal of it is possible. We can try playing slot machines, but these are completely random and it is actually almost certain that we will lose all of the bonus money.

That's where The Martingale and The Fibonacci systems come into play. Our goal is to play with the bonus money as long as possible without progressively losing it. Both these systems are great just for that. Yes, they do not beat Roulette, but you can play for a very long time before going bust.

Sometimes we will actually lose all of the casino bonus money, but of was free and sort of destined to be lost anyway. We should NEVER try to use these systems with our real money, but only as a means of fulfilling the wagering requirements. This means that we can never lose anything. The bonus money is always free and as soon as we can withdraw it, we should. Everything we withdraw is our profit. We can use the money for more games and try to win that big multimillion Jackpot, but having a sure gain is still something.