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Variants Of Poker

Poker has become the most played card game in the world. The success of poker is due to the fact that the rules are simple, provides strong sensations and allows the most skilled to win fabulous sums during big game cash or poker tournaments. The goal of poker, whatever its variant, and to win the "pot", the money wagered as and when the game, and to have the "hand", or the game, the stronger. Discover the variants most played in poker:

Texas Hold'em Poker

is currently the most played and best known poker variant. There are three Texas Hold'em Poker betting structures: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit, the latter being the most played, especially at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) World Poker Championship.Texas Hold'em poker can be played by two players (Heads Up), 5 or 6 players (Short-Handed) or 9-10 players (Full table). In absolute terms, the rules of Texas Hold'em Poker, like the other variants of poker for that matter, are quite simple and do not require special abilities to play.

However, despite its simple rules, it remains a very technical game, psychological, with a zest of bluffing and luck. Texas Hold'em Poker is played with two private cards (the two cards that only you know) and 5 community cards, spread gradually on the table, and visible to all players. You must make the best possible combination with your two cards and 3 of the 5 community cards to have a game of 5 cards, the strongest possible.

Omaha Hold'em Poker

The rules of Omaha poker are similar to those of Texas Hold'em. However, instead of having two "private cards", you have four. There are also 5 community cards at Omaha Poker, like Texas Hold'em Poker.Unlike Texas Hold'em or you can use only one of your two cards and four community cards to form your game, in Omaha you must use at least 2 of your 4 cards and 3 of the common cards to make your game.

The strongest game in this game wins all other players' bets, placed in the middle of the table, in the case of Omaha High. The weakest game, as part of the Omaha High / Low, also wins part of the "pot". In fact, the pot is divided between the strongest game and the weakest game, if it has been formed.

Poker Stud 7 Cards

7-Card Stud is different from other Hold'em poker variants. There are no community cards for all players. Each one receives 7 privative cards, some of which are discovered and visible by all the other players.

Poker 5 Card Draw

The famous poker 5 cards closed, the good old poker "Cowboy", certainly the most played variant in the world since the last 2 centuries. Poker 5 Card Draw is considered the basis of all existing poker styles. This is one of the first variants of poker.