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New Casino Games in 2022

There is always a desire among online casinos players to try something new. In most places there is a terrible variety of hundreds of games. In general, most people focus on a few favorites before looking for new options. In the following lines, we look at some new casino games that are worth it. The ultimate goal of online casinos is always one the customer to be happy, because that way he will have fun and bet his money with them. In times of growing competition, importing new games is one way to do this. Casinos do not develop games; they only provide games to providers. Ie when we talk about new games, we are talking about an online casino that has a contract with a new provider. Be it new slot games or table games. There are some basic factors that can get a person's attention. For example, these are the options in the game itself for bonus spins, nice design and last but not least a developer with a reputation. There are companies that are big names in casino gaming. The good news is that some of the best developers in the world, such as netent and microgaming.

Netent Casino Games

Among the best new casino games are these Netent. Perhaps the most popular of these at the moment is fin and the swirly spin. The games themselves are the cream of gambling gaming they are reliable because of the reputation of the developers and very high quality. All visual and sound elements are perfected at a great level. There are three Netent casino games we would like to draw your attention to:

Dead or alive 2: This is one of the most popular slot games that Netent offers. It has high volatility, and the manufacturer's website reports that there is a 96.82% return. It is a popular slot game, but it is interesting to note that it is not among the top choices of players. The developer's website describes that the game offers a bonus of free spins, which are unlocked for certain achievements during the betting. You can view details for dead or alive 2 and even try to play it for free here.

Gonzo’s quest: Gonzo's quest also has a good return 95.97%, and the game can be tried for free here. Unlike the previous one, it is available for players through the site. There is already an overlap with the preferences of world and players these video slots have become one of the most popular. The animations are at a very high level, although the release date of this jewel is 10 years ago. The story is as complicated as in a movie long lost cities and treasures that must be discovered. The game itself has bonuses such as multiplayer and free spins, for example.

Microgaming New Casino Games

Microgamings are the other high quality casino game developers we will pay attention to. Their suggestions can be seen on the palms bet website. It is useful that they are separated in their own section in the casino and there is no need to wander and check which developer is behind the game. In addition, each game has a demo that will allow you to see what the available first person microgaming casino games are. We will look at two of the more interesting ones.

Thunderstruck: another extremely popular micro gaming online slot machine. The colors are nice, but you will see the difference with the previous game. It's just that this one came out a long time ago. The theme is mythological, and the animations and dynamics will give you nostalgia like in a classic casino. You can win up to 15 free spins during the reelsofjoy online pokies game, and the good thing is that the demo has a detailed table of payments. As in the above game, the return rate is over 95.

You can play all these new casino games from your phone. This way you have the convenience of playing anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. From the phone you can register, verify, play, download and everything else.